Saturday, September 02, 2006

Midnight News -- 9/2/06

The Mexican left has decided to cast aside one of their country's greatest political traditions to protest an election that no one but them believes was corrupt. Current Mexican president Vincente Fox was literally left to fume in the wings as leftist legislators threw a tantrum that prevented him from giving his annual state of the nation address. He instead presented the legislature with a copy of his speech and gave the address on television.Exploiting the fact that only 9% of the polling places were reviewed, they hope to prevent the Mexican public from noticing that the Mexican electoral court completely rejected all of their claims of electoral wrongdoing.

Democrats and liberals seem all too gleeful over the extent of sectarian violence in Iraq, where about 3,000 Iraqis have died each month. The end result for America needs to be a stable Iraq; the end result for Democrats is to have their party control the White House and Congress. When they are willing to sacrifice votes to have the former, I may be willing to tolerate the latter. I see no evidence that they are actually interested in preventing a civil war in Iraq. The report that has them so exicted is here.

Kofi Annan would like us to believe that Syria, which has already decided to build a Hezbollah-like force in the Golan Heights, is interested in peace and the security of Israel. Annan can't leave the U.N. fast enough.

A Japanese corporation may be responsible for helping North Korea and Iran develop nuclear weapons.

In the Bihar province of India, suspected criminals are regularly lynched. "Jagender Prasad, a businessman, said: 'People are fed up with growing lawlessness and rising crimes. As the police do little to curb the crimes, they (people) have started punishing the criminals.'" Whether we wish to admit it or not, this is democracy in action: the state having abdicated, the people become the state.

The IRS made a mistake on its taxes, and should be forced to pay a penalty. The penalty should be precisely the amount of the refunds mistakenly awarded American taxpayers.

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