Tuesday, April 25, 2006

There is a police scandal in Arlington Heights (Chicago Tribune, reg. req'd), a suburb of Chicago. From the article:

Dozens of area Muslims have placed protest calls to Arlington Heights Mayor Arlene Mulder demanding that charges against a Muslim civil rights protester be dropped after allegations were made that police ripped off the woman's headscarf during her October arrest.

Yes, they just went and ripped it off. The police tend to do that; haven't you read Howard Zinn?

A few paragraphs later:

The protester, Rehana Khan of Chicago, was arrested Oct. 15 with four other people while demonstrating in Arlington Heights in support of immigrant rights and against the Minutemen, a group that opposes illegal immigration. Khan is to appear in court Tuesday.

Khan is charged with battery and resisting arrest. She is accused of hitting a female officer and trying to break free while being arrested, authorities said.

The Religion of Peace brawls once again.

"It's analogous to having a blouse ripped off," said [Council on American-Islamic Relations] spokesman Ahmed Rehab. "It's a state of forced nudity."

No, it isn't.

It's first of all unforced: the woman chose to protest violently enough to get arrested and chose to behave and a manner entirely antithetical to the American tradition of protest, one she wishes to exploit without showing it any respect. In America, when the time comes to get arrested at a protest, one lets oneself be arrested peacefully. If one does not, it is probably because one is a fraud.

It's second of all not nudity. I know naked, and a bare head ain't it. A person has no right to force others to pretend one's own beliefs are the absolute truth.

Some more context:

Assistant State's Atty. Rich Karwaczka said Khan's headscarf was "shifted" during the course of the arrest but was never pulled off. She was required to remove it during processing at the police station, which Karwaczka said is normal practice. "For safety reasons it always is [removed]," Karwaczka said.

Arlington Heights is going to continue with the prosecution. Good for them.

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