Saturday, April 22, 2006

Zimbabwe Holiday

This article by a Namimbian reporter is a must read. He travelled to Zimbabwe and wrote this account of life under Robert Mugabe's left wing thuggery. The wisest part is this:

It's hard to imagine that Namibia could plunge to the level of economic meltdown where Zimbabwe is now.

But it was just as hard for Zimbabweans to imagine they'd reach the state of decline that Zambia was in in the 1970s.

The decline begins slowly, almost unnoticeably.

Thereafter it goes into freefall.

All because the voters failed to put the brakes on looting and murderous politicians whose only ambition was to be in power at all costs.

He could have added that voters have an obligation to recognize a truly murderous politician, and to avoid indulging in prejudiced stereotypes.

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