Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blogger Finally Returns Temporarily

Blogger is finally back up, at least for now. For over ten days posting has been, shall we say, hit or miss, as has been commenting on any blogger site that doesn't use an external comment system.

The Blogger Status page, which is infrequently updated and less than informative when these problems occur, claims the issues have been hardware related. Their latest post states that they are planning "another infrastructure overhaul" to address the problems. The folks at the Blogger Discussion group will no doubt remind you that they have heard that before.

A thread at the discussion group raises a non-hardware issue, and that is the number of blogs that are created each month, most of which are phony blogs, or splogs, designed to manipulate ranking sites and AdSense. This post at the Washington Post blog Security Fix discusses the matter further. I think it's probable that the profusion of splogs has overwhelmed the hardware and caused all of the problems that last week and a half.

It really rankles that on an historic day, a day rippling with conversation, writers and readers at Blogger cannot take part because a bunch of losers who can't hold down a real job have decided to flood Blogger's hardware with spam.

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