Friday, June 09, 2006

Not Reporting: Even Abuse Of Women Can't Make Press Say "Muslim"

At Dhimmi Watch, yet another example of a reporter incapable of telling the truth. It seems USA Today ran a story about a group of feminist pioneers who gathered to reflect on the history of feminism. One of them, an American feminist who married an Afghani muslim, said, according to the article:

"If [feminists are] going to have a future, it's going to have to be a world future," she says. "If our ideas mattered for us — and they did so nobly — we're going to have to find a way to share that vision universally."

Only that isn't quite what she said. The article left out the most important part of who she is and what she meant. The woman, Phyllis Chesler, barely survived her muslim marriage and writes expilcitly about the plight of women under islam. She said this in an email to Dhimmi Watch's Robert Spencer:
Please note that the paper removed "Muslim" "Islam," "Islamist," "Islamic gender apartheid" and "jihad" from all my remarks about feminism as a philosophy of universal human rights and about our obligations to extend that vision into the twenty first century.

So the state of American journalism is this, that the author of a book, The Death Of Feminism, that describes a harrowing marriage to a muslim and which speaks explicitly about the suffering of women in muslim culture, who also speaks explicitly about spreading feminism to muslim countries at a conference about what feminism should next do, can't get quoted straight by an American reporter.

I would think that even the most liberal American reporter would allow for criticism Islam's horrid treatment of women, even if that is only such subject. Yet a person who has lived through what Phyllis Chesler has lived through can't even get honestly quoted.


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