Thursday, June 08, 2006

Why Do "People Of North African Origin" Hate Us?

Perhaps overlooked in today's excitement over Zarqawi's demise is this nugget from BBCAmerica:

Swiss prosecutors say the country's intelligence agents have foiled a plot to attack an Israeli El Al airliner.

The federal prosecutors' office said seven people of North African origin had been arrested.

It said law enforcement agencies in other European countries, notably France and Spain, had played a part in the investigation.

According to Israeli media, terrorists planned to use a rocket to bring down an El Al plane in Geneva last December.

"People of North African origin." How quaintly euphemistic. Do you think they were talking about Berbers? Or Vandals, maybe? Oooh, maybe it was those damn Carthiginians. They've always been trouble.

You don't think they could have been muslims, do you? If they had been muslim the BBC would have said so, right? Right?

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