Monday, June 26, 2006

Not Reporting: ABC Reporter Blatantly Displays Grotesque Bias

At, W. Thomas Smith reports on a biased reporter. He received a phone call from an ABC reporter seeking comments on Haditha, and Smith was asked the following question:

"Don't you think the killings at Haditha [November 19, 2005] are the result of a wrong war and a failed policy?" he asks. "Much like the tragedy of My Lai [the killings of unarmed civilians by U.S. soldiers in the village of My Lai, Vietnam in 1968] was the result of a wrong war and a failed policy?"

Smith writes:'s one thing to read and listen to politicized versions of news stories spun by the various national news organizations. But to actually experience the machine as it begins to process what they plan to feed the masses is quite another. It wasn't a first for me, nor will it be the last I'm sure. But I was temporarily surprised by the reporter's lack of perspective, his obvious agenda, and his attempt to put words in my mouth. And by the way, this was no recent J-school grad. This guy was seasoned.

The reporter felt no compunction to moderate his words for sake of the presumption of innocence the soldiers deserve. This is cruel disrespect for one of the primary values American soldiers defend. It is distressing that this reporter felt absolutely no shame in how he put his question: absent shame, how can such a mind be reached?

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