Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Raw Story Gets The Scoop

Raw story has an incredible scoop!

In Sunday's paper, conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks attacks the founder of Daily Kos for acting like a "Kingpin" who "commands his followers" to "unleash their venom on those who stand in the way," RAW STORY has found.

No doubt many Bothan spies died to bring us this information, which will be released to the public, oh, about right now on Times Select.

The article rehashes the case, but is mainly an excuse for some pro-Kos hagiography. Well, that and playing make-believe that it's 1932 and this is all going on with telegraphs tapping in the background: "Big scoop, chief: Brooks is gonna let Kos have it tomorrow! Lets him have it, I tells ya! Stop the presses!"

The article concludes with this:
While a plethora of bloggers on the right have accused Markos of hyping candidates that his associates and friends work for, there doesn't appear to be any evidence that anything illegal occurred. Many on the left have argued that some of the allegations have been based on lies and misinformation, and that they are still firmly standing behind the two renowned bloggers.

First, why does it have to be illegal to be wrong? No one wants to send Kos to jail for taking money in return for public support and access to the community of bloggers he leads; people just want his craven behavior exposed, whatever the consequences.

Second, "[M]any on the left" suggests leftists will tolerate any on the left criticizing Kos. In fact, all on the left support Kos and Armstrong, because those who don't get booted out. Just ask Marty Peretz.

Of course, Marty can always buy his way back in: all he has to do is hire Stargazer Jerome.

UPDATE: Or rather, Raw Story has updates, of the blogosphere response, including this from Kos: "Just a quick reminder as the media nip at our heels,...We didn't get here because of them."

Maybe not, but you might not be around much longer without them on your side.

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