Friday, June 09, 2006

The Deer Are Coming To Kill Us

We have grown lax and complacent. The deer have sensed this, that we have tricked ourselves into thinking recent events were an aberation. Oh, how wrong we have been!

Run-Over Deer: Girl knocked down, out

A south suburban teenager was run over by a deer last week near her Orland Hills home. Selina Duda is shaken after her encounter, but OK.

Be strong Selina. Seek your vengence!
...The deer that ran over Selina was the first one they'd ever seen near their home.

"Never. There is not supposed to be deer here. We live here. No deer, much less running through a court, residential with at least 15 kids playing in the court," said Paula Duda, Selina's mother.

They attack the weakest first, and where we least expect it!
Just last week a lost deer entered a home near Milwaukee and caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Ok, let's be fair. That deer was just trying to steal a stereo.

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