Sunday, June 25, 2006

CAIR Islamicizes The First Amendment: It Doesn't Apply To Non-Muslims

CAIR is attempting to use the FBI to harass Little Green Footballs and the commenters at that site. It is unpleasant to see a school board remove a book from its libraries, even a book packed with lies, but to all those who worry about the "dangerous precedent" that such an action sets, a reminder that what CAIR is attempting is what real censorship looks like. A call from the FBI is the real "chilling effect", not the idea that some group might expose biased scholarship.

That said, having sampled just a few of the 822 comments posted thus far, I would not bet on CAIR being successful. Maybe the FBI, in reviewing the commenters, will heed their and Charles Johnson's suggestions to investigate the true hate speech oozing from many American mosques.

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