Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hugo Chavez's Next Big Thing

Recently I wrote that the political setbacks of Hugo Chavez were merely an opportunity for him to regroup for his next assault on Latin America's freedoms. From the BBC, we have a report of an event that might help him to do so:

Brazil landless storm parliament

Carrying sticks and farm tools, they smashed doors and windows, overturned a car and clashed with police.

About 20 people were injured, one seriously, in the disturbances which lasted for more than an hour. Several protest leaders were later arrested.

The group said they were demanding agricultural reform.

The leftist government in Brazil made promises to the poor, upholding the maxim that robbing Peter to pay Paul always nets Paul's vote. However, at some point, the government either forgot to rob Peter or decided to keep his money for themselves. Thus, armed thugs have attacked their parliament.

It is in such disappointments that tyrannies begin to spread. Having seen one promise broken, this particular group of people will be tempted to turn to someone who promises even more, and perhaps also offer a little justice for the earlier broken promise. Exploiting these people is how Chavez will rebuild his support.

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