Friday, June 23, 2006

HuffPo Blogger Discovers Troll, Gets Booted By Arianna

From the Guardian: "Influential website the Huffington Post tried to ban one of its bloggers after he discovered an anonymous heckler on his blog was actually the [Huffington] Post's technology manager."

The blogger, Dr. Peter Rost, has a new site. He said of the incident:

I presented facts and made no allegations. Arianna Huffington's newspaper decided to shut down the whistleblower and proved that her online magazine is no more ethical than the people and organisations she criticises on a daily basis.

He's only just now figuring out that Arianna's a phony? Has he been living in a cave?

UPDATE: The controversy has reached the New York Times: "A Blogger Is Bounced From the Huffington Post":
Dr. Rost responded on his personal blog ( "I thought that if anyone could accept being challenged, it would be The Huffington Post," he said in an interview. "But the first time anyone even hints, the censors go into overdrive and this liberal bastion becomes something similar to the Kremlin."

Well, except for that part about Lubyanka, but I'm sure being rejected from Arianna's little salon is just as bad as being tortured in a Soviet dungeon.

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