Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Russian Tourist's Revealing Photographs Of North Korea

The blog UNCoRRELATED has a post linking to some photographs taken by a Russian tourist in North Korea. The post at the original Russian site, created by the photograher, web designer Artemii Lebedev, can be found here; a copies of the photos with the commentary translated into English can be found here, at

Comment from UNCoRRELATED:

You can understand how an absence of any meaningful government could result in the typical third world chaos, but NK is just the opposite--very well ordered and yet extremely poor. A society with this kind of discipline should naturally be quite prosperous. The fact that it isn't suggest an extreme dysfunction.

As I've said before, the North Korean state has no right to exist. These photos include, literally, the best image that government can possibly present. Also included are pictures the government does not allow, but which the photographer managed to take anyway.

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