Thursday, June 22, 2006

Outed Clout

Via Second City Cop, here's a John Kass column in the Tribune on the notorious "city jobs list" at the heart of the city hall corruption trial here in Chicago. He invites Chicagoans to "drop a dime" on any names they recognize. Here's a PDF of the list itself.

From the Kass column:

There are so many intriguing questions associated with this list. One name is Andriacchi. There are many people with this name. But could this person be related to Joe "The Builder" Andriacchi, known to the FBI as a reputed boss of the Chicago Outfit? Or is it another, completely unrelated Andriacchi?

Another is Ronald Jarrett, sponsored for his city job by former laborers union boss Bruno Caruso, a reputed Outfit associate. Is this the same Ron Jarrett--the master jewel thief--who was killed in an Outfit hit in Bridgeport a few years ago? Or, is it just a typo?

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