Thursday, May 25, 2006

Those Deer Are So Mean

From the Chicago Tribune: "Victim of deer attack last year sues Southern Illinois University":

A woman who was among those injured in a series of deer attacks last year on Southern Illinois University's campus says she's suing the school, arguing officials didn't do enough to protect her.

Zhimin "Nancy" Wang, a doctoral student from China, was among the first of four people who sustained mostly minor injuries in the separate attacks during last June's fawning season, when officials say mother does tend to be more aggressive in protecting offspring.

The school probably can't be held responsible for deer being deer, but the dean shouldn't have given the deer tequila shooters, or yelled "Catfight!" once the attack started, or tried to sell the video to "Does Gone Wild".
Deer confronted three other people last year, with most of the encounters happening in or near the campus' sprawling Thompson Woods.

Of course the deer confronted them: they borrowed the deer's iPod and didn't give it back. You can't let that go unchallenged or people will just walk all over you.
More deer attacks were reported on the campus Tuesday. In separate instances a deer, perhaps the same one, caused minor injuries to three people as they were on a footpath along the school's Campus Lake.

It's a shame when one bad deer hurts the reputation of all of them. And what makes them think it was the same deer? Did it have a gang tattoo?

This is why God gave us deer hunting season.

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