Friday, June 02, 2006

Anti-Semitic Liberals

Dhimmi Watch discusses the despicable Mahdi Bray and his relationship with John Thomas, general minister of the United Church of Christ. Dhimmi Watch blogger Robert Spencer suggests that if Thomas knew more about Bray he would be more reticent about working with him on projects such as this letter.

I suggest the opposite: it is their mutual contempt for freedom that unites them, and that as always that correlates to a contempt for Jews. Thomas does not work with Bray because he is ignorant of Bray's sentiments, but because he shares them. The title of the post at Dhimmi Watch is "Does John Thomas really want to stand with Mahdi Bray?" I think the answer is "yes."

UPDATE: I should correct something, though I believe it unlikely that many would require this correction to understand my meaning in the above paragraph. I should not have said, "Thomas does not work..."; I should have written, "I suggest that Thomas does not work..." It is more fair to Thomas to phrase it this way and much closer to my intention to express strong suspicion rather than assert a fact.

However, Mr. Thomas has chosen to associate himself with another public figure, and should have known or taken steps to have learned about this person's background. This is especially true because Thomas and the UCC was made aware of anti-semitism of the Palestinian groups with which they associated in a letter from the Anti-Defamation League, described in this ADL press release. There is simply no excuse for not knowing about Mr. Bray's activities.

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