Friday, June 02, 2006

The Real Jimmy Carter

Julia Gorin exposes Jimmy Carter's racist and anti-Semitic past.

In April 1976, however, a glimpse of the old Carter shone through when he answered a question about integration issues, blurting out, "I see nothing wrong with ethnic purity being maintained." According to [Steven] Hayward, the NY Daily News buried the quote in a jump paragraph that picked up on page 134.

Though Carter ultimately worked hard to compensate for whatever racist sentiments he had, he made no such efforts with regard to his contempt for Jews.
In 2000, when Arafat walked away from an unprecedented offer by Ehud Barak and Bill Clinton, Carter said he understood Arafat, who "could not have survived politically if he had accepted." In a 2002 op-ed in the New York Times --— which obliges in providing a pulpit for Carter whenever he wants to put the screws to Israel -- Carter advocated that the U.S. take "more forceful action" with Israel, and wrote that Arafat "may well see the suicide attacks as one of the few ways to retaliate against his tormentors." He then blamed Ariel Sharon for the popularity of suicide bombers, whom he described as "counterproductive."

Carter receives much praise for his work at "peacemaking", but invariably he favors tyrants and enemies of freedom in these efforts; it is not peace that he offers but supplication; he surrenders on our behalf. He can always be relied upon to assist dictators in blackmailing the west. Fortunately, there is now at least an incipient protest against this disgraceful person:

And once again we see that it is anti-semitism that marks a person as sympathetic to totalitarians. It is a contempt for Jews that correlates, somehow, to a contempt for freedom. No other indicator of the depth of a person's totalitarian sentiments is more reliable.

Steven Hayward is the author of The Real Jimmy Carter.

Via Atlas Shrugs.

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