Thursday, June 01, 2006

DePaul PC Gone Wild

Via little green footballs, the case of a DePaul professor fired after thinned-skinned Muslim students whined to the college administration is discussed at American Thinker:

Over a year ago we alerted readers to a very significant case involving outrageous abuse in the name of political correctness. Thomas Klocek, who taught at DePaul University for 14 years, was summarily fired for the "crime" of speaking to the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian mindset that has come to dominate the DePaul campus. A ruling yesterday cleared the way for a trial that promises to rip the mask of academic respectability off of a university that has behaved despicably.

Read the whole thing. The details are really quite insane and DePaul's behavior is a chilling and real example of the suppression of free speech, as opposed to phony free speech claims intended to mask malicious dishonesty.

DePaul is what happens when we don't take freedom seriously.

UPDATE: Additional information at Marathon Pundit.

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