Thursday, June 01, 2006

More Blogspulsion

An update for Blogspulsion? and Looking Over Your Xanga.

At Rhymes With Right, a good discussion of the Plainfield South case. While some of the backstory was missing, both Greg and his commenters got into the details of the issue, which was nice because responses to this story have tended to the superficial side.

FYI, there is still no word, that I have seen, about the outcome of the case.

UPDATE: From a comment from Rhymes With Right himself, the dispostion of the case will apparently be on June 12.


Rhymes With Right said...

I've read that the decision will be announced on June 12 -- which means that this "dangerous" student will have been permitted to attend the school following his suspension for an entire month.

And school officials still have not notified any law enforcement official about the "threat", which makes it quite clear that they do not believe it to be one, but are instead punishing him over the content of his speech.

McKreck said...

Thaks for the comment and the update.

I agree that by not going to the police that they open themselves to the conclusion you've drawn. And as I said at your site, I agree that the kid shouldn't be punished with expulsion for this. However, my point has always been that there is meaningful backstory that makes this a much closer case than it first appears to be. I think the fire in the bathroom, the mention of Columbine, and what the other blogger wrote ("why don't you just die") suggests some action by the school is reasonable.

As I said, it's a hard case.