Friday, June 02, 2006

DePaul PC Gone Wild

I don't recall who, but someone described American universities as little islands of tyranny in a great sea of liberty. As validation of that maxim, I offer DePaul University.

Via Marathon Pundit, apropos of this post about Thomas Klocek and the lawsuit he filed against DePaul for cowardly firing him, an eye-witness account of the confrontation cravenly misrepresented by DePaul to placate its muslim students:

Question to [former DePaul student body president Wesley]Thompson: It was not what you would call a threat to hit anyone?

Thompson's Response: "I didn't feel that there was a threat of physical violence..."

Question to Thompson: Did you hear a conversation at a noise level that would be above what we would call normal conversational level?

Thompson's Response: "...I can remember Salma (member of Students for Justice in Palestine) responding to something in sort of... not a loud voice, but when you get mad and you respond snappy, well, you know, something like that."

Question to Thompson: So she raised her voice somewhat?

Thompson's Response: But it wasn't yelling or anything, but then I believe I remember Professor Klocek responded in kind."

Question to Thompson: And he raised his voice to the same level?

Thompson's Response: "Yes, He wasn't yelling or anything."

Question to Thompson: Did you observe anybody throw anything?

Thompson's Response: "I did not."

Via Pirate Ballerina.

The muslim students' complaints are further examples of the strategy of brazenly and boldly declaring a false thing to be true so that others are too intimidated to disagree.

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