Thursday, June 01, 2006

"He believed he could build"

R. Kelly sounds like a bit of a jerk:

Between behemoth tour buses parked outside his mansion, unlicensed dogs and the garage-sized guardhouse built without a permit, R&B megastar R. Kelly continues to find new ways to exasperate Olympia Fields officials.

The village sued the Grammy winner over the buses, dogs and that pesky guardhouse last year, and now Kelly has filed suit asking the court to let him keep the guardhouse.


Still, [Mayor Linzey] Jones expressed some degree of admiration for the troubled artist, who sings about qualifying for free lunch as a child, saying, "he's made his way up from difficult circumstances, and I respect that."

But Jones said the parties, the barking dogs and unkempt debris stacked near his home have to go.

Olympia Fields prefers its debris kempt.
For all of the ruckus surrounding code violations, Kelly remains an elusive figure in his neighborhood.

Even Jones, who seems keen to his every misstep, hasn't laid eyes on the pop idol.

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