Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Iran nuclear talks nearing accord"

According to ABC News, via al-Reuters, the talks on Iran are nearing an "accord":

Major power talks on Iran's nuclear program are heading toward an accord on a 'carrots and sticks' package to be offered to Tehran, an EU diplomat said on Thursday.

The West fears the program is designed to make an atomic bomb, while Iran says it is solely for power generation.

Of course we fear it. What the hell else could Ahmadinejad be doing?
Diplomats said the incentives were expected to encompass a light-water nuclear reactor and an assured foreign supply of atomic fuel so Iran would not need to enrich uranium itself.

My prediction, given that Iran wants the bomb and not the fuel, is that they will refuse the deal. After months of pointless hand-wringing, their refusal be cited as the justification for U.S. military action. The legality of said action will be supported by most nations until the time that the action is actually undertaken, at which point we will become pariahs. C.f., "Iraq, 2003 invasion of".

The accord is also reported here.

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