Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CPS Graduation Rates Revisited

Via the District 299 CPS Blog, a graph showing the graduation rates and GPAs of CPS grads at several Illinois colleges.

What rankles is the low graduation rate at some schools, even for kids with high GPAs in high school. Someone is not telling the truth: either the GPAs are inflated, or the colleges are telling the students, somehow, that their work isn't up to standards and that they might consider different plans. I really don't think it's the latter.

For those who think testing is discriminatory, this chart reminds us that a GPA is not a reliable sole measure of ability. Notice in the chart that only 20% of the kids with a 3.5 GPA that attended Northeastern Illinois University graduated in six years, while 90% of the kids with the same GPA that went to Northwestern graduated in six years.

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