Monday, May 15, 2006


Michigan Trial Lawyers seem an unappealing bunch: Rove rumor red meat to blue state audience

Notwithstanding their name, they decided not to wait for a trial, or even for verification.

The rumor in question was started by Jason Leopold at, a left wing site with a conspiritorial bent. A good report of the rumor and its veracity can be found in this post at the Corner.

The event where this eruption of fairness and thought took place was a fundraiser for Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat.

Granholm, who hadn't made her way into the banquet when Raitt made his premature announcement, came away with more than a dubious rumor. Her campaign grossed $525,000 at a $1,000-a-head MTLA fund-raiser immediately preceding the dinner -- enough for three or four days of TV advertising at the blistering pace set by Republican rival Dick DeVos.

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