Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cubs Win! No, Really!

The Chicago Cubs, who prior to their home series this week against the Washington Nationals had lost 14 of 16 games, are currently leading the Nationals 5-0. The Nationals have not scored a run against the Cubs in 16 innings of play.

The Cubs, who are truly playing horribly, will have an additional chance to shut out the Nationals when the teams meet again tomorrow. That of course assumes that the Cubs don't blow a 5 run lead in the next 2 innings.

I saw the Cubs play in San Diego a couple of weekends ago, and it was easy to see why the Padres were at the apex of a hot streak and the Cubs at the nadir (one hopes) of a losing streak. They were impatient at the plate, lackadaisical on the bases (when they managed to get on), their pitching was ineffectual, and the fielding was indifferent. They could lose 100 games playing like that.

But all is well for now.

UPDATE: The Cubs survived the 8th inning. 3 more outs and they are officially hot!! Well, not really, but I expect Cubs fans tomorrow will be ecstatic. Their expectations are low enough to be called subterranean.

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