Monday, May 15, 2006

Propaganda Propagates

Remember, tenured professors cannot be fired!

A report on radicalism within the American professoriate is promised by this press release from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni: "How Many Ward Churchills?" (pdf)

The conclusions promised by the press release are not surprising to anyone who has attended college in the last twenty years. More things that will not be surprising:

  • complaints about the bias of those who authored this report

  • complaints about the report's methodology

  • claims that the authors are trying to censor college professors

It's the last point that is so frustrating. It is utterly reprehensible that so many academics, who if tenured cannot be fired, think that they are immune from criticism.

Here's the gist of the report:

...What we found is that Ward Churchill is not alone, and that the kinds of politically extreme opinions for which he has become justly infamous are not only quite common in academe, but enthusiastically embraced and rewarded by it.

In colleges and universities across the country, in both traditional disciplines and new-fangled programs, the classes offered and the faculty who teach them are displaying an ideological slant that is frequently as uniform as it is severe....

HT: Phi Beta Cons on National Review Online

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