Friday, May 19, 2006

Not Reporting

Michelle Malkin details yet another example of MSM incompetence, in this case in a pro open-borders article in the LA Times.

Malkin assumes that the reporter's mistake was deliberate and the report itself was mere propaganda. She may be correct, but I would still suggest the possibility that the reporter was simply an idiot. Or more fully, I would suggest that the reporter was as liberal as Malkin assumes, wrote the story the way he did because it tends to validate his instincts about the subject of immigration, and was too stupid to think that this savvy business person might pull one over on him.

Let's parse the dumb for a moment, at the risk of getting some on ourselves. He features the contractor by name in the first line of the article. The writer, possibly, fails to uncover the most easily discovered facts about the contractor, or alternatively fails to admit them. No one at the LA Times uncovers the most easily discovered facts about this woman. The paper then publishes the article online, on, you know, the internet, where people can look up about anything.

It is possible this was propaganda, with the contractor working with the reporter to misrepresent herself to readers, in which case it was idiotic to think the dishonesty of this report on controversial topic would go unnoticed.

It is possible that neither the writer nor his editors thought it important to do a simple search about this person, in which case they are idiots for not considering that the contractor might be misrepresenting herself.

Or finally, they might know that the contractor was a fake, might know that people online would figure this out, and might simply not care, believing that the influence the paper edition of the story might have would make the dishonesty worthwhile to their cause. In this case they are idiots for thinking their influence is still so profound.

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