Monday, May 29, 2006

Hugo Chavez & Pals

In the Canada Free Press, a succint description of Hugo Chavez and of the American left:

It is said that Senor Chavez is a social democrat and if that is true, being one means coddling narco-terrorists, driving the Catholic Church out of large areas of the interior, suspending civil rights, censoring the press, packing the ballot box, pre-programming the electronic ballot counting machines, roughing up political opponents, providing funds to terrorists, non-stop propaganda from the television stations, and his packing the legislature with cronies and yes-men.


But for Mr. Chavez, regardless of the setbacks, Cindy Sheehan calls incessantly to say she loves him, Belafonte still calls with messages of hope, and Jimmy Carter calls occasionally to inquire about the electronic ballot counting machines, sends his love, and says Rosalind says so, too.

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