Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cubs Mom

The Chicago Cubs are caught in doldrums so severe that no escape can be envisioned. On Sunday, they lost in 11 innings, at home, despite having scored 12 runs; problematically, they gave up 8 home runs to the Atlanta Braves. On Friday they lost when two runners scored on a sac fly. Let me repeat that: two runners scored on a sac fly.

But perhaps the most telling indicator of just how miserable the team is this year is this story. It seems last Friday some hecklers were on right fielder Jacque Jones' case, as many have been all year, after he dropped a ball in the sun, thus wrecking a Carlos Zambrano no-hit bid.

The hecklers started yelling and a woman few rows away, Jacque Jones' mother, gave them a good talking to. Security was involved, but apparently they decided not to throw the hecklers out because they were sitting in manager Dusty Baker's seats.

Remember when you were little and your mom told you that if something bad happened to go and find a mom, that whatever the problem was a mom would help you? Like if you saw a kid getting beat up, you could go find a mom and she'd stop the fight and sort things out? Remember that?

Things are so bad at Wrigley that the Cubs have to go and a find a mom.

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