Friday, May 12, 2006

Poll: Most students think biz ethics optional

The Sun-Times reports on a poll on the subject of business ethics. The gist is that adult business owners are more likely to believe that ethics and integrity are important than are high school students.

More than 96 percent of business owners surveyed said they believed that having others view them as a person of integrity is very important, while only 37 percent of high school students surveyed shared that view.

When asked whether it was better to bend the rules and win or play by the rules and lose, 79.2 percent of business owners said the latter was better, compared with 41.7 percent of students.

Here's the thing though. They only spoke to 70 high school students and 80 business owners, and all the business owners were women.

So they bend the rules of representative polling to bemoan the fact that high school students in Chicago think it's okay to the bend the rules. How remarkably silly.

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