Friday, May 19, 2006

Something Is In The Water In Elmhurst

According Google Trends, Elmhurst, IL leads the nation in searches for the word "sex".

The results put a twist on the term "bedroom community."

Yes they do. And that comment puts the reader in a mindset that makes the next sentence sound irredeemably dirty.
With a motto of "Tree Town," Elmhurst advertises itself as "a wonderful place to live and raise families."

Yes, you read that correctly, the motto of the town that has the highest ratio of searches for the word "sex" is "Tree Town".
More seriously, [Elmhurst Mayor Thomas D. Marcucci] added, "Sex isn't necessarily a bad thing." A lifelong Elmhurst resident, Marcucci, 54, said that when he attended the local Immaculate Conception Catholic school, "the nuns taught us that sex was a gift from God."

First of all, eww. Secondly, this is why it isn't polite to talk about sex. Thirdly, eww.

Here's Google Trends.

UPDATE: I just took a quick look at Google Trends for myself. When I looked up the word "sex" I found that of the top ten cities searching for that word worldwide were, two were in Turkey, three in India, and that the top city was Cairo, Egypt. Under regions, or realy, nations, among the top ten were Egypt, Viet Nam, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. The nation with the highest number of searches was Pakistan.

I couldn't find Elmhurst, IL anywhere, but the article did say the conclusion was for the U.S. only.

For the hell of it I tried a few other words. Oddly, the city with the highest search ratio for the word "blog" is Lima, Peru.

UPDATE 2: I just took a slightly longer look and finally noticed the "Region" drop down menu at the far right of the page. I did the "sex" search for the U.S. only, and the results did not include Elmhurst, IL. The city which now has the highest ratio of searches for that word is Richardson. I assume that is Richardson, TX, but have no idea if that is really the correct Richardson.

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