Thursday, May 18, 2006

Democrat Job Creation

From the Hired Truck Trial here in Chicago:

A former City of Chicago personnel director -- who lied on some forms and altered others to get political workers city jobs -- never faced the threat of being fired if she balked.

So why did she do it?

"Because that was my job, and that was part of the culture," Mary Jo Falcon testified Tuesday at the political corruption trial of Daley's former patronage chief, Robert Sorich, and three other men.


Falcon was the personnel director for the Sewers Department and later the Department of Water Management who also ran a political organization of 25 to 30 Asian Americans, mostly city workers.


Falcon testified that she knew she was doing something wrong by altering interview scores of city job applicants so political workers could get city jobs. But she didn't know it could amount to fraud, she said.


"I'd never look at the applications to see if they were qualified or be a good fit with our department," she said.

She knew it was wrong, but did it anyway because whatever was wrong with it, she didn't think it was fraud. She didn't think that altering and official document constituted fraud. Really, that's her story. Textbook gall.

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