Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Beirut Destruction Not Exactly What It Appears To Be

Israpundit has a map that shows the location of IDF strikes against Beirut. The impression left by the media is, unsurprisingly, incomplete. It is probably small comfort to those outside the Hezbollah neighborhoods to see this: the rumble of a bomb is no doubt terrifying even if it is unlikely to effect you. But it does show that Israel is dedicated to making war only against those that brought war to Israel.


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Anonymous said...

I got some questions:

Why the MSM keeps counting the number and type of missiles Hezbollah launches into Israel, but no one seems to count the number and type of bombs and missiles Israel launches into Lebanon, what's the difference?

Why we still have not seen any picture or video of Hezbollah rocket batteries destroyed amongst the rubble of the buildings Israel destroyed?

Did anyone see a Hezbollah rocket launcher at the Beirut Airport? Or the Power plant?

It’s the phrase "the right to defend itself" copyrighted by Israel?

Why everyone has to comply (or else) with IAEA and UN resolutions and inspections, but Israel?

with what type of moral authority the US can ask countries (like Syria and Iran) to stop sending armament to Hezbollah (allegedly) when the US is sending armament to Israel (allegedly)?

Why nobody wants to address the root of the problem: the inhumane conditions in the Ghettos in Gaza and West Bank, and the right to Palestine to exist, and be respected as human beings?

How the people trying to leave the South of Lebanon or the country can do so if almost every bridge and road is bombed and destroyed? I think the flying magic carpet is just a stereotype...

CNN will surely remind us today that it is Day 19 of the Israel-Hezbollah war - now branded as Crisis in the Middle East - but you won't catch anyone saying it's Day 1,229 of the war in Iraq.

I hope I am not labeled as anti-Semite, because I am asking these questions...

McKreck said...

Good of you to use a handle, Anonymous. Your questions are remarkably precise, almost as though someone had written them out for you ahead of time, but of course that's just crazy talk. As to responses:

1) They don't count missiles,, they count bodies, locations, show pictures of the destruction, etc. Anyone who watches CNN for five minutes know this question is BS.

2) Because Hezbollah controls the media in its territory.

3) Supply lines and supplies for attacks on Israelis by Hezbollah.

4) Hezbollah started the fight (Israel merely existing does not count as causus belli)

5) Israel complies, its just that no one cares to notice. Besides, the Israeli PM doesn't give speeches calling for Iran to be wiped off the map.

6) The authority that comes from being free and democratic and not interested in destroying entire populations

7) Palestinians had a state. They used it to launch rockets into Israel. It's all they seem to think to do. No one at all would them having a state if they used for something other than launching terror attacks.

8) They managed to get the missiles in just fine. Its Hezbollahs fault the civilians can't leave.

You can hope all you want, but only someone who wants to see Israel's enemies drive that state into the see would ask the questions you have asked.

Crawl back under the bridge, troll.