Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Anti-Semitic Liberals Revisited

United Church Of Christ leader John Thomas has penned a despicable letter. Whereas before his anti-Israel sentiments were only to be suspected, he now makes those sentiments quite clear.

Via Solomonia and from UCCTruths:

[T]he separation barrier continues to restrict travel, even for the purpose of meeting desperate human need, and sanctions against the Palestinian Authority have caused a financial strangulation of vital political, educational and humanitarian institutions. The complicity of our own government in these sanctions is cause for particular grief.

Making this situation even more burdensome is the recognition that there are many in the United States, including many Christians, who see only Israel's need for security, who focus only on a few terrorist acts which you yourselves condemn. In doing so, they largely ignore the systemic oppression of an entire people in what increasingly amounts to a virtual prison in which almost every aspect of Palestinian life is controlled by Israel. Many in our own churches are subject to intense lobbying by Jewish groups demonizing the Palestinian community in general, and many of you in particular. Even some of our denominational gatherings of ecumenical partners here in the United States sound what may seem to you to be an uncertain voice.

One can only say these things if one's mind is imprisoned by radical Muslim and left wing propaganda, a true "virtual prison" as opposed the one he falsely alleges Israel with constructing. Only by denying the right of Israel to exist could one so wholly ignore Muslim provocation and so wholly demonize Israeli self-defense.

I had said in the past, after Thomas penned an editorial with Mahdi Bray, that I suspected that he did not do so out of ignorance of Bray's hatred of Jews, but rather because he sympathized with it, and even shared it. Now I only see more evidence that my suspicion was justified.

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