Thursday, July 27, 2006

Six Weeks To Football!

The football season starts in 6 weeks, with Miami at Pittsburgh on a Thursday night.

The Bears training camp is currently getting underway, and one of the most important and most troublesome players is already injured. Thomas Jones "tweaked" his hamstring while running during a physical. He'll be out a couple of weeks. Jones, a serviceable running back who blossomed into an excellent back while with the Bears, had earlier this year boycotted a "voluntary" mini-camp. He thought he deserved a kick up in pay because of the two great years he had with the Bears. He didn't get the raise. Coach Lovie Smith met with Jones and claims the past is behind them, but Jones is now the number two back behind Cedric Benson.

The Bears had a dismal playoff game against the Carolina Panthers last year, and now have to rebound. My hopes aren't real high for this season. They didn't seem to do much for their offense during the off-season, and their recent history is basically big years followed by sharp downturns. But the NFC Central is still pretty weak, so they might make the playoffs again.

At this point though, I don't really care if their good or bad. I'm just ready to watch football again.

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