Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lebanon Updates

Actually, a Gaza update to start: the cease fire didn't exactly work out. Terrorists fired 3 rockets into Israel from Gaza.

In Haifa, two people were killed by Katyusha attacks. An Italian UN peacekeeper was wounded by guerilla fire, and a minibus carrying Lebanese refugees on their way to Tyre was struck by the Israeli airforce, killing three.

Hezbollah has agreed to prisoner swap talks mediated by third parties. They spoke through the Lebanese parliamentary speaker.

UPDATE 2:47 pm CDT: This is rich: UN peacekeepers in Lebanon have been paid off by Hezbollah. Worse than useless. And Annan and others have the gall to demand more of these troops. Via Ace of Spades and Volokh:

An Indian soldier who served in the UNIFIL brigade on the Israel-Lebanese border reportedly told interviewers in Israel that the soldiers in his brigade "could have prevented the kidnapping" of three Israeli soldiers last October, Eitan Rabin of Maariv reported in an exclusive report Friday.

Dozens in the UNIFIL brigade reportedly watched the kidnapping but did nothing. Moreover, at least four Indian soldiers reportedly had been bribed by the Hizbullah to offer active assistance in carrying out the abduction.


The Hizbullah had made intimidating threats against the Indian contingent. But at the same time, they had bribed several soldiers in the Indian contingent with liquor, Lebanese women and money.

UPDATE 3:39 pm CDT: They can call a cease fire if they want, but events are trickling forward and a cessation in hostilities at this point would merely be a respite before Hezbollah's next attack. As evidence, reports are that Hezbollah sleeper cells have been awakened and may carry out attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets in the West.


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