Saturday, July 29, 2006

Muslim Jihadi Murderer May Hide Behind Mental Illness

The current line on the Muslim murderer in Seattle is that he suffered from some kind of mental illness. Bipolar disorder has been mentioned. This is a trivial fact that distracts from the salient feature of his attack, his choice of Jews and Israel as the target. Many people suffer from bipolar disorders; most do not kill random Jewish women. The abstract character of a mental illness is the same for every person who suffers from it, but the specific manifestation of that illness is mostly unique. That an anti-Semitic hate crime is how his mental illness manifested itself indicates a great deal about this person's surroundings, upbringing, and culture. The other day, Debbie Schlussel, almost prophetically, described the kind of community activities in which Muslim Americans will indulge. A mentally ill Muslim murderer emerging from such communities does not surprise.

Of course, that assumes he truly had a mental illness, and that story is not simply a cover story that the media has eagerly chosen to accept. Michelle Malkin has more on the case here and here, as does Jihad Watch.

The killer, 31-year-old Naveed Afzal Haq, faces a bail hearing today. The Seattle police have put both mosques and synagogues under watch:

"We are also protecting mosques, because there is always the concern of retaliatory crime or retaliatory incident," Kerlikowske said.

Assistant Police Chief Nick Metz said police had no specific information about any threats, but his department had issued an alert on Thursday "reminding officers to be vigilant to monitor synagogues and mosques in the city."

Has a "retaliatory crime" ever happened when Jews have been murdered in this country? Did that happen after the El Al shootings, or the North Carolina SUV rampage, or when that white racist went on a spree and shot up a Jewish school and killed a Filipino mailman? That police chief is a grandstanding PC twit.


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