Friday, July 21, 2006

What Is It With The Letters

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, just as he sent an 18-page missive to President Bush last May. Does Ahmadinejad think they're his pen pals?

In the letter to Merkel, Ahmadinejad apparently denied the Holocaust, again, and denied Israel's right to exist. Bad move to try and pull that line on a German, but it may be a slip that lets us solve all the problems he's been causing lately: the penalty for Holocaust denial in Germany is a 5-year prison term. Maybe we could just arrest him.

The letter did not specifically mention the major powers incentives, the only current business between the heads of state for Germany and Iran.

A German official had this to say about the letter:

"It talks about how both Germany and Iran have been victims," he said on condition of anonymity. He said it also says "we have to find a solution to the Palestinian problems and Zionism and so on. It's rather weird."

When asked if the German government would respond, spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm said: "We have no intention of entering into a long correspondence with the Iranian president."

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