Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Commies And Halfwits

Chicago's City Council passed an ordinance today that mandates "big box" stores such as Walmart pay their employees at least $10.00 per hour plus $3.00 per hour in fringe benefits. It will never be enforced because no such store will now opened within Chicago. The suburbs will get the jobs, the convenience, and the explosion of tax revenue.

It doesn't matter though, because the aldermen who voted yes pleased their primary constituency: the unions. They've protected their members from exploitation by their employers by driving employers out of town entirely. Let it not be said they are ineffective. Many African-Americans are justifiably displeased by efforts that work to prevent their communites from rising out of poverty.

Marathon Pundit has much more -- here, here, and here. He'll also be on Constitutional Public Radio tomorrow.

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