Friday, July 21, 2006

Iron Tongue Of Midnight -- 7/21/06

Russia and France -- nations that have long had a very special relationship to those of the Jewish faith -- have called for Israel cease their war against the warlord Hassan Nasrallah. Israel has no intention to stop without the release of their hostage soldiers: their army has faced ferocious fighting within Lebanon, and is planning for more.

Kofi Annan and Condoleezza Rice will meet to discuss the French initiative in the Security Council for an immediate cease fire. The U.S. is hoping that Israel will defang Hezbollah before too many voices call for them to show restraint.

A Hamas "activist", his mother, and two brothers, were killed in an explosion. The Palestinians claim their house was struck by an Israeli tank shell; the Israelis denied a tank had fired on the house. His activism consisted no doubt of pamphlets and posters.

Nasrallah called two Arab boys killed by a Katyusha rocket "martyrs". He should know -- he killed them. He also said that Hezbollah had retaken the initiative and planned more surprises.

Ethiopian troops now face the Muslim warlords in Somalia.

India has arrested three individuals for the Mumbai bombing. The three are members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Muslim terrorist group that has denied responsibility for the bombing. Kenya claims to have arrested a fourth Indian Muslim wanted for the bombing. UPDATE: The BBC reports that the three men arrested in India were actually members of the illegal group Students Islamic Movement of India. The Hindustan Times article linked above has removed references to LET but does not mention SIMI. This Times of India blurb confirms the arrestees to be members of SIMI. Via Captain's Quarters.

Iran still promises to respond on August 22 to the package of incentives designed to persuade them to give up their nulear weapons program. However, they say they will reconsider their position should the any of the major powers put their case before the U.N. Security Council.

George Bush spoke before the NAACP. He was booed when he argued for charter schools. This is depraved. What the public schools have done to the African American community is unconscionable, and every member of the NAACP should be working for that system's replacement, not doing the bidding of the teacher's unions that defend it. Here is the transcript.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who has been in office for two years and has no accomplishments in office whatever, is showing signs that he plans to run for President. Democrats are desperate.

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