Friday, July 28, 2006

Midnight News -- 7/28/06

The U.S. has sanctioned Indian firms for "missile related" transfers to Iran, a violation of the Iran-Syria Non-proliferation Act. Had the sanctions been announced sooner, the votes needed to allow the President to sign the recent nuclear technology agreement with India might have been delayed. There are political problems surrounding the agreement in India as well.

Some members of the American Psychological Association are protesting that group's statement that it is permissible for its members to assist the U.S. military in interrogations. I'd like to say I'm glad I can put my life at risk so a few psychologists can remain pure of heart. I'd hate to think my continued existence might force them to get their hands dirty.

Tour de France winner and former Mennonite Floyd Landis denies doping allegations raised against him yesterday. The benchmark for intelligent discussion on the matter is this: he did not have high testosterone levels; rather, the levels were high in relation to his epitestosterone levels, and there are many reasons why this might be the case. I know little about how doping works, but I know when a commentator stresses the above facts that at least I'm listening to someone who cares about the truth.

A year after the Tulip Revolution, Kyrgyzstan suffers from corruption and economic crises.

Liberia is beginning to come back to life after a long civil war. Light and water have been restored to the capital. However, the Presidential Palace caught fire on that nation's 159th Independence Day.

A recent heat wave has killed over 100 people in California.

Here is a link to donate money to help Lebanese children. Here is a link to help Israeli children. Pick one, both, or neither. Your call.

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