Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Congress Speaks To Middle East Crisis...

...and at least one speaks regrettably.

Congress is working on resolutions regarding the Kidnappers' War. Congressman John Dingell, a Democrat from an area of Michigan with a large Muslim population, takes a stance that is objectively anti-Israel even as it allows him to pose as a neutral observer. Dingell said:

...in order for a U.N.-led peacekeeping effort to occur, "Israel must immediately cease inflicting further damage on Lebanon's civilian infrastructure."

"Failure to do this will have appalling consequences," he said, adding that Israel's response to the killings and captures have been "disproportionate and counterproductive" and could lead to general war in the Middle East and possibly World War III.

So in order for there to be peace, Israel must give its security up to U.N. peace keepers. They might as well pull back their troops from their own borders and let Hezbollah, a warlord's illegal private army, have the run of the north.
Dingell also said that the United States must bring about a ceasefire.

"We must be a honest broker and reliable friend to all who want peace," he said.

Dingell doesn't really want an honest broker -- he wants a broker who will side against Israel. To be a friend to all is to have no standards, and requires us in this case to treat a group of Islamofascists as a group of friends. It's better to be a friend to no one than be a friend to them. The Lebanese will stop suffering when the abducted soldiers are returned and Lebanon and the world move to neutralize Hezbollah.

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