Monday, July 17, 2006


"Bush Set to Use First Veto on Stem Cell Bill"

Now if he could just veto a few spending bills.

Since his inauguration in 2000, President Bush has gone out of his way to avoid an overt confrontation with Congress. He has been helped by the strong support of GOP leaders, who have made sure that he has been sent bills to his liking, and he has been willing to swallow some legislation -- a campaign finance package, for instance -- to avoid a political confrontation.

I love George Bush for a lot of things -- not least of which is his candor -- but he is far too easily pleased by Congressional legislation.

I realize he has to live with Congress, but we have to live with what Congress does, which is overtax, overspend, and otherwise meddle.

UPDATE: Ross Kaminsky has a much more insightful comment than I do on this matter:
If a President is going to set a record for the longest time without a veto, it's rather pathetic that he would break his record on an issue where there is little consensus even among conservatives, and which has a chance (albeit a very tiny one) of the veto being over-ridden.

Bush's disgraceful handling of the nation's finances are put into even more stark contrast by his use of a veto in a case like this.

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