Friday, July 21, 2006

Midnight News - 7/22/06

Hundreds died in floods in North Korea. The same storm left at least fifty dead in South Korea.

Democrats attempted to simultaneously support Israel's right to defend itself against aggression and demand that President Bush urgently send a special envoy to prevent them from doing so.

Climatologists have discovered fire. Next will come the wheel, followed by a crash course in the use of insufficient sample sizes when modeling climate change.

Yankee Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player to hit 450 home runs; it was also his 2,000th hit. Rodriguez has also been called out publicly by his teammates and coach for his poor fielding, and is regularly booed at Yankee Stadium. Yankee Manager Joe Torre said, ominously, that his poor fielding is something he is "going to have to answer for." I'd be nervous: New York is tough town.

Two women who successfully petitioned the courts to force Massachusetts to let them get married have proven inadequate to the task of actually staying married.

Hundreds of thousands of people are without power in New York and St. Louis. New York and St. Louis are hot and humid this time of year. I am grateful to be somewhere other than New York and St. Louis.

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