Monday, July 31, 2006

The Third Circle Of Pregnancy Hell

All is now well, but my 29-weeks pregnant wife has been in the hospital for the past 32 hours, thus the light blogging. The stay was precautionary and consisted of about two hours of tests and exams, and about 30 hours of waiting for the medications and shots that resulted from said tests and exams. After much worry, Mrs. Occidentality has been declared well but has been commanded to bed for the next two weeks. The baby, of course, is oblivious, and swimming around healthily and happily inside the comfort of the womb.

I'd only offer one little pointer to any future OB/GYNs. Let's say a 29-weeks pregnant patient calls you and complains of bad pain, and let's further say that you tell that patient to go to a particular hospital. When the patient asks you why you have chosen that particular hospital, do not give the answer, "Because they have excellent facilities for premature babies." Trust me: that's the wrong answer.

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