Sunday, July 02, 2006

100,000 Protesters Not Enough To Defeat Morales

The results are in from the Bolivian election that was the focus of protests reported at Publius Pundit. The democracy babes lost, sort of.

The election had to do with an assembly to write a new constitution, one that ensconced the left wing, anti-capitalist of Bolivian President and Hugo Chavez crony Evo Morales. Morales' party failed to win a two-thirds majority in the assembly, which means they cannot force their agenda. However they did win a majority, and the referendum for greater autonomy for Bolivia's regions failed.

UPDATE: The Democracy Center's Blog From Bolivia has coverage of the election and of the results, and Gateway Pundit gives it a mention. The reporting on the autonomy referendum is a little confusing. Results for that referendum are reported in two ways: on a national level, where the referendum lost 56-44, and also on a department level, where it won in four of nine Bolivian regions. Blog From Bolivia says this of the results:

In other words, whatever happens in the Assembly, and with the implementation of autonomy, will be a negotiation among the political parties.

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