Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Anti-Semitic Leftists In USAToday

USA Today runs an egregious commentary from Edmund R. Hanauer, director of SEARCH for Justice and Equality in Palestine/Israel. The first paragraph provides the flavor of the whole piece:

Israel's brutal response in Gaza -- called "war crimes" by Amnesty International -- to the capture of an Israeli soldier by Palestinian militants will not further peace. Israel, more than Hamas, blocks peace.

That Israel represents the barrier to peace is deranged: the perpetual Kassam rocket attacks against Israeli targets in recent months is sufficient proof of this, but by no means the only proof. But the assertion itself, against all demonstrable evidence, reveals the dark heart of the anti-Israeli hard left.

It is democratic Israel that can be bent to a general will; it is violent, dictatorial Hamas that cannot. It is Israel that responds to humanitarian demands; it is Hamas and movements like them that do not. The anti-Israeli left has succumbed to the superficial displays of power that Arab and Islamic revolutionaries make. So captivated by violence are people like Hanauer that they abandon themselves completely to the radical's bizarre ideas and his unrelenting aggression. They perceive as strength the murder of innocents by confused, pliable young suicide bombers, and, blind to justice, they choose to side with the party they believe to be the strongest.

The hard left chooses revolutionary movements as proxies for their violent fantasies. It is past time that the words the Hanauer's of the world spill in defense of indefensible terrorism were held against them.

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