Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kerry Wood Out For Season, Again

The debacle that is the Cubs 2006 campaign just debacled its way to a lower point than anyone expected: Kerry Wood has a torn rotator cuff and is out for the season. [UPDATE: That's what they said on the radio, but technically Wood may come back. He's going to try a "strengthening" routine and see if he can't get back to the mound in four weeks. I'm more than dubious that he'll pitch again this year.] He may not be back with the Cubs next year, and it's not beyond possibility that his baseball career is over.

It's a shame because of all the promise he showed, promise that suggested he might be the next Roger Clemens.

Also, the rumors are that Dusty Baker will be fired over the All Star break. The Cubs are so bad this year, it probably wouldn't hurt not to even have a manager: just pick a lineup by throwing names into a hat and see what happens.

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