Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ward Churchill Is Still An Idiot Redux

And no doubt the first of many such redux in the reductio ad absurdum that is the existence of Ward Churchill, America's foremost phony Indian.

From Pirate Ballerina via Drunkablog, three reports, at CBS4Denver (AP) , The Denver Post, and The Rocky Mountain News, stating Ward Churchill will appeal CU's decision to terminate him. Interim CU Chancellor Philip DiStefano announced early last week that he intended to terminate Churchill's employment. Bizarrely, the Denver Post's headline writer decided to call the Chancellor's recommendation a "suggestion." If I ever get fired I plan to use that to keep collecting paychecks: "You didn't fire me! You only suggested I be fired. Pay up."

In appealing his termination, Churchill makes a liar of his lawyer, who claimed after DiStefano's announcement that Churchill would forego any appeals and pursue a remedy in the courts. (However, this appeal perhaps resolves the "mystery of the missive".)

Details from the Rocky Mountain News:

[CU President Hank] Brown now has three days to forward the case to the Faculty Senate Committee on Privilege and Tenure, which must convene a panel to hear arguments from Churchill and CU attorneys "as expeditiously as possible," according to university policy.

CU officials have estimated that it will take 90 days for the panel to hear the case and make a recommendation to Brown, who will then decide whether to forward the case to the Board of Regents.

If the regents decide to fire Churchill, they would take a final vote in public.


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