Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Bad Job Situation

A man upset that his boss would not have a sexual relationship with him decided to exact revenge in a peculiar way that ultimately backfired:

A Chicago man who allegedly tried to frame his boss by telling police the boss had child pornography on his computer was charged with possessing the illegal images.

I think this pretty much defines 'bad idea'.

At some point, the lovelorn employee confessed that he in fact had planted the images. The story does not indicate the gender of the boss, which inclines me to think it must have been a man: the reporter wouldn't be so coy if the truth did not appear embarrassing to a protected minority, especially one that is hypersensitive to insinuations relating to child pornography.

The clincher for me, however, is this: the employee had an advanced degree in education. I have to say I'm not entirely surprised that someone that came up with a scheme this dumb could get a hold of an advanced degree in education. Frankly, as stupid as his scheme was, it's probably smarter than Whole Math.

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